Tips på TRA-seminarier

Med start idag hålls en serie online seminarier som skulle ha ägt rum vid konferensen Transport Research Arena: Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility (TRA 2020) i april som blev inställt på grund av Covid-19. Flera av dessa har kopplingar till automatiserad körning – vi tackar vår läsare för dessa tips!

  • Urban transport innovation in the aftermath of COVID-19. Have the disruptors been disrupted? Strategic Session 10, 23 June, 11.00–12.30 // Programme and registration: Link
  • Taking transport safety to a new level: societal challenges, research solutions – the way forward ? Strategic Session 6, 23 June, 14.00–16.00 // Programme and registration:  Link
  • How can infrastructure enable CCAM? Strategic Session 8, 23 June, 15.30–17.00 // Programme and registration: Link
  • Industrialising innovation, Strategic session 11, 26 June, 13.00–14.30  // Programme and registration: Link
  • Taking action on the public space dilemma, 24 June, 12h30-14h00 // Programme and registration: Link
  • A new mobility paradigm for health, cities and the environment, 25 June, 17h00-18h30 // Programme and registration: Link
  • Blockchain in mobility: use cases, challenges and opportunities, July 9, 16h30-18h30 // Programme and registration: Link
  • Transport Climate Action Directory: ITF Global Launch Event, 2/07, 14h00 (in the frame of the ITF Decarbonizing project to which ECTRI is a partner) // Programme and registration: Link